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Hi, I'm Firmansyah R Purwanto. Welcome to my profile!

Firmansyah R Purwanto's Bio:

I'm a Registered Indonesian Physiotherapist working at Back Up Spine Clinic. I work primarily with an musculoskeletal and orthopedic population, but like most manual therapists, I often find myself dabbling in the areas of postural & movement education and sports

I'm also interested in the areas of women's health and neuropediatric rehabilitation

I'm currently a founder of Body in Movement Blog ( ) with regarding to my Partner Stefany Henda (Co-Author Fisio Manual pada Plantar Fasciitis)


Undergraduate - Diploma in Physiotherapy - Politeknik Kesehatan Kemenkes Surakarta (2015)

Additional Coursework:

- Kinesio Taping for Sports (2014)

- Stroke Rehabilitation (2014)

- Introduction Diagnosis and Treatment for Upper and Lower Quadrant (2015)

- Foundations in Hypnotherapy (2015)

- Sports Recreation and Management (2015)

- Concussion in Sports (2015)

- Interactive Metronome (2015)

- APA Sports Physiotherapy Level 1 (2016)

- SMA Level 1 Sports Trainer (2016)


Professional Affiliations:

- Member of Ikatan Fisioterapi Indonesia (Indonesian Physiotherapy Association) -

- Member of Perhimpunan Fisioterapi Olahraga Indonesia (Indonesian Sports Physiotherapy Community) -


Publicatiosn and Presentations:

- FisioManual pada Plantar Fasciitis: Treat the Criminal, Not just the Victim, Body in Movement (self-publishing), 2016

- Penatalaksanaan Infrared, Core Stability dan Kinesio Taping pada Myogenic Low Back Pain, Politeknik Kesehatan Kemenkes Surakarta, 2015

- Mengenal Apa itu Plantar Fasciitis?

- Fisioterapi: Apa itu Kinesiology Taping? -

R.I.C.E menunda pemulihan cedera??

- Patellofemoral Pain






Video on Youtube:





- "Always remember, The Hamstrings are ACL agonist, The Quads are ACL antagonist"

- "When the core muscles turned on, your global muscles already worked normally"

- "You should correct breathing pattern before do exercise"

- Most common musculoskeletal dysfunction is caused by the feet"

- "Postural stability is an automatic function. Function is integrated in every movement. The brain is smarter than you know"

- "We all know people who sufferib=ng low back pain come to us with chronic condition. So, let's thinking about their habits" 

- "Please, be open minded. The site of pain is not always the problem. The problem is if you only focus on the site of pain"

- "Treating problem is like matching puzzle"

- "Firts, Do not judge people with wrong diagnosis"

- "When you examine the patients, you have given them treatment"


Activities & Interests:

- OUTDOORS - cycling, running

- MUSIC - listening, singing

- BOOK - reading, collecting, writing



- Email: [email protected]

- Instagram: @firmanptspine

- Line: @firmanptspine

- Skype: +6282210350486

- WhatsApp: +6282210350486

- BBM: D0939B18

Firmansyah R Purwanto's Experience:

Firmansyah R Purwanto's Education:

Firmansyah R Purwanto's Interests & Activities:

Performance Enhancement, Physiotherapy, Movement therapy

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